It was all pointless, people have died in vain in Afghanistan says German army veteran

The withdrawal of the international troops from Afghanistan was pointless and soldiers serving there have died in vain said a German army veteran who served with the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan.

“Some weeks ago I argued that the assignment did make sense, because we managed to achieve certain things. We could bring a certain freedom to the people and we could bring up a generation that stands up for their country. But that has changed in the last couple of days, my opinion on that. And today I think our assignment was pointless. It was futile. It has failed. And the 59 German dead soldiers have died in vain,” said Andreas Eggert who is now the state chairman of the Federal Association of German Veterans (BDV).

“Feelings of anger and sadness keep going through my head. Sadness because there is much that I feel connects me with that country, I was there as a soldier for a long time and I took part in rebuilding that country,” he said. “And fury that people are only starting to react now, now that the situation is so bad that the Taliban could take over large parts of the country, and are now in Kabul in the president’s palace. When I see the images it makes me so angry, that everything we built there could be razed to the ground in such a short time. And that our German government reacted so late and is now trying to rescue people in an ad hoc operation.”

Eggert said that there was no alternative to the German Bundeswehr also withdrawing from Afghanistan, once the U.S. troops were gone, but that didn’t stop it making their operation there seem futile now, he said.

“There was no alternative, once the U.S. had announced their withdrawal, because the German troops over there could not have stemmed such an assignment, neither in terms of material nor personnel. Therefore there was no alternative, but it was still wrong.”

He blamed the German government for reacting too late in making plans to evacuate people when aid organizations have been pushing for it for months. “And now we have a situation where everything has to happen very fast and where we definitely cannot rescue everyone. That’s a hard reaction.”

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