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Milestone in South Korea, but bad day for Pakistan. Germany steps up testing while UK falls short.

A 30-year-old federal prison inmate who tested positive for coronavirus and gave birth while on a ventilator has died, the US Bureau of Prisons says.

The woman had been in federal custody since March 20, when she was transported from a South Dakota jail to a federal prison medical center in Forth Worth, Texas.

On March 28, the woman was sent to a nearby hospital for concerns regarding her pregnancy, BOP said. She was discharged the same day.

The woman was seen by the prison facility’s medical staff on March 31 for a “fever, dry cough and other symptoms” and was again transported to the hospital, where she was placed on a ventilator.

On April 1, she gave birth by cesarean section and days later, tested positive for the virus.

The agency says the woman had a pre-existing medical condition that according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put her at higher risk for coronavirus-related complications. The agency did not disclose the woman’s condition.

She was pronounced dead by hospital staff on April 28, the agency said.

Some 1,534 federal inmates and 343 Bureau of Prisons staff have tested positive for coronavirus nationwide so far. At least 31 federal inmates have died due to the disease. There have been no staff deaths, the agency said.

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