Musicians take home prestigious Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan

 The Golden Melody Awards were split evenly on Saturday (August 21) between various artists, with Soft Lipa, Hebe Tien and Sangpuy winning the top categories of best male and female singer as well as best album.

Rapper Soft Lipa, who took home awards for best male singer in Mandarin and best Mandarin album, said the awards were special to him as he completed many of the production steps by himself.

“I thought why not try to sell it myself as well. I started selling the digital file and also opened a shop to sell the album.” he said.

Hebe Tien, an avid hiker and winner of best female singer in Mandarin, likened the making of an album to climbing a favourite mountain.

“The big view is a bit like the Golden Melody Awards, because whenever we climb a mountain, although we like climbing, we don’t always get to see the big scenery in best weather,” she said.

Another big winner of the night, Sangpuy who won best album and best Indigenous language singer, described the collaboration on his award-winning album “Pulu’em” as truly Taiwanese.

“I am the only one who is an indigenous person, there is one Hakka, the producer is Hakka, there are also Han people and Fujian people, as well as a lot of others,” he said, counting ethnic and cultural groups that make up Taiwan’s population.

The Golden Melody Awards took place for the 32nd time this year, attracting entries stars from throughout the Chinese-speaking world.

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