Sky turns red in Bolivia as wildfires burn through forest

Burning wildfires turned the sky red in San Matias, Bolivia, on Monday (August 16), as firefighters struggle to tame fierce flames.

According to Bolivia’s Friends of Nature Foundation (FAN), more than 24,000 hectares of forest have burnt in the country so far this year.

San Matias Mayor Carlos Velarde Villarroel has declared fire-ravaged areas a “disaster zone”

“We have declared a disaster zone since August 3. There was an immediate response from the central government, the Interior Ministry, volunteer firefighters who are here. As I have said, it is something that can’t be controlled.”

 San Matias is located in Bolivia’s Santa Cruz region, regarded by many as the country’s breadbasket due to its strong agricultural industry. Locals fear that if these fires are not contained, they could impact the country’s food supply.

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